Energy-saving certificate creation made easy

Unlock the full potential of Government energy-saving incentives

Let us help you through the range of energy-saving programs, to benefit your customers and increase your financial return on residential and commercial HVAC products.

Helping you grow your business and financial returns

Creditex provides certificate creation services to installers of hot water heat pumps and high energy-efficient air conditioners participating in energy efficiency schemes, allowing customers to focus on what they do best – installing HVAC products.
Let us simplify the certificate creation process for you, while also improving your cash flow and offering favourable credit options to help you purchase HVAC products from our recommended suppliers.

The benefits of working with Creditex







Residential and commercial certificate creation

Australian energy-efficiency schemes encourage both households and businesses to install energy-efficient products. Generous certificate rebates are available to incentivise more significant energy users, such as businesses, to adopt smart-technology solutions to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Creditex’s experience and product knowledge

Creditex has been operating as an Accredited Provider (AP) since 2013, building upon the established operations of SwitchLED. With a team of highly skilled professionals possessing significant experience and expertise in the industry, Creditex is well-equipped to support you in your HVAC certificate rebate needs.
The team at Creditex is led by Jo Hoatson, who has a wealth of industry experience. She has founded the National Carbon Bank of Australia, served as an independent chair for Northmore Gordon, and has been a director of Australian Sports Climate. The team at Creditex works closely with energy efficiency experts across the industry to help you get the most out of your certificate creations.

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